About Us

RF LIFE SCIENCE PVT. one of the fastest growing, family owned company, started by MR. BALEEGHUR REHMAN a & MR. FAISAL ZAIDI in 2017 with a vision to provide long term perspective and stability to their customers providing Quality Product in a Stipulated time.

  • TABLET: Beta Lactam / Non Beta Lactam
  • HARD GELATIN CAPSULE: Beta Lactam / Non Beta Lactam
  • ORAL LIQUID: General
  • ORAL DRY POWDERS: Beta Lactum
  • DRY POWDER INJECTIONS: Beta Lactum / General
  • EXTERNAL PREPARATION: Cream / Ointment / Gels Shampoos / Lotions.
  • Dry Syrup: Beta Lactam / Non Beta Lactam
  • Harmonal Tablets: Non Beta Lactam
  • Liquid Injection: Non Beta Lactam
  • Opthalmic Prepration: Eye,Ear and nasal Drops/Spray
  • Soap: Non Beta Lactam
  • Lypholized Injection facility: recent Facility

Including all these sections, we are manufacturing more then 500 products. Our senior management has a sound knowledge in all major fields related to the development & manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products.

Being a WHO-cGMP Certified facility we are operating in strict compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). RF LIFE SCIENCE PVT. LTD. is a fastest growing, fully integrated pharmaceutical company with a strong emphasis on quality products and services that cater to the special needs of each client.